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Don't Replace it, Repair it

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Man repairing carpet

Cat or Dog damage

Pets are a joy to us; they are cute funny and relieve stress. But sometimes spot does just as his name suggests, he spots the carpet! Or your beloved chewy may get locked in the bedroom and decide to dig and chew his way out. All these activities lead to damaged carpet and potentially expensive repairs. Before you go carpet shopping call The Carpet Doctor.

Re-Stretching of ripples or loose carpets.

Over time carpets can lose their stretch and develop buckles and wrinkles. Letting it go will only worsen the problem and make your carpet un-fixable. Wrinkles in your carpet could also be a safety issue, causing trips and falls. The Carpet Doctor can pull out those ugly wrinkles and prolong the life of your carpet. Give us a call we have all the the necessary tools to repair this kind of problem.

Cigarette burns

Any mark on a carpet is hard to hide, and cigarette burns are no different. The eye of the observer seems to be immediately drawn to cigarette burns. Accidents happen when people smoke indoors, and people often wonders how to remove cigarette burns from carpets. The first thing to consider though, is that a cigarette burn is not like a spill or a stain, so applying spot cleaner will not do the job. You will need to call us we have done many repairs of this kind and we can take care of yours as well.

Metal strips or threshold repairs

These strips can wear out over time from use, especially in high-traffic areas such as between kitchen and living room. Fixing the threshold from laminate or wooden floor to carpet requires replacing the transition strip because common damage like sharp, bent metal and broken wood strips is hazardous.


Carpet padding is what gives your carpet its cushion, and absorbs the brunt of the daily wear on your floor. It also extends the life of your carpet, as carpeting tends to hold its pile longer when a quality pad is installed beneath it. Better acoustics and a higher insulation factor add to the benefits of carpet pad; the main problem lies when you have a spill or stain (especially from pets) that you have cleaned from the carpet but that remains in the padding beneath. Sometimes it may be more feasible to replace the pad, or a portion of it, instead of replacing the entire.

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